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There is also an option to anchor the centerpoint of the time period, changing both the start and end dates.An example of lengthening a time period is shown below: This doubles a time period of duration 1 minute to duration 2 minutes.You may add,insert and remove Time Period objects from them just as you would objects in an array.

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####Relationships There may come a need, say when you are making a scheduling app, when it might be good to know how two time periods relate to one another. Below is a chart of all the possible relationships between two time periods: A suite of methods have been extended to check for the basic relationships.Shifting When a time period is shifted, the start dates and end dates are both moved earlier or later by the amounts requested. The amount field serves as a multipler, just like in the above initializaion method.Lengthening/Shortening When a time periods is lengthened or shortened, it does so anchoring one date of the time period and then changing the other one.####Initialization Time peroids consist of an Date start date and end date.

To initialize a time period, call the init function.This is great and all, but there are times when one wants to know how many years or days are between two dates.For this, Date Tools goes back to the ever-trusty NSCalendar and abstracts out all the necessary code for you. The current locale is used unless otherwise specified by additional method parameters. ##Time Periods Dates are important, but the real world is a little less discrete than that.With Date Tools, this: ####Date Editing The date editing methods in Date Tools makes it easy to shift a date earlier or later by adding and subtracting date components.

No date library would be complete without the ability to quickly make an NSString based on how much earlier a date is than now. DateTools has you covered. These "time ago" strings come in a long and short form, with the latter closely resembling Twitter. You can get these strings like so let timeAgoDate = 2earlier.… continue reading »

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