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01-Sep-2018 16:15

I can’t say something too wrong ’cause he on my label. If not, that’s fucked up.” PAUL WALL : “If he made it as a racist song, then hell yeah he’s wrong for it.

That’s very stereotypical for him to say that all Black girls want your money. If he don’t want to date Black girls, that’s cool with me. He wrong for it, but he wrong for most of the shit he do.” BUN B (UGK): “When did he realize he was wrong for saying that? It’s no way that song should have been still out there like that. If he didn’t want nobody to hear it, he should have never put it on record, he had 10 years to find that tape.” KILLER MIKE : “This is a Black and Latino culture and art form.

The gloves came off and Benzino went to a new low of disrespect: he labeled Eminem as a culture stealer, The Rap Hitler, and said that he would John Benet Ramsey Em’s daughter Hailey.

The Movie itself spoke on Eminem’s struggle coming into the rap game with not only limited resources and a trailer park background, But also the fact that he’s a white kid trying to come up into a black dominated genre.

But all the Black people who are sucking his cock should be ashamed of themselves.

If it was a Black *****, they would have killed his ass.

At the end of the day, what else do you expect from a White man?

I’m sure he used the N-word a whole lot of times outside of this.” STYLES P: “His fucking teeth should have been knocked out—that’s my reaction.

I don’t think it’s not a word he hasn’t used since then.