Dating excuses

02-Feb-2019 02:38

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My Interpretation: “I’m not looking for you, specifically, to be my boyfriend right now (or probably ever).”Not looking for a boyfriend, eh? Chances are, almost every girl is the exact same way.

You must have been blessed with a special genetic superpower that allows you to completely turn off basic biological instincts. Guys, ask yourselves, could you legitimately and actively choose to not be attracted to someone? It’s best you understand this is code for a girl not being into you because when a girl says this, it’s deceptively dangerous.

As in, a suitor would come across as super inconsiderate if he didn't claim to understand.

It is a trial by fire through which all of us have, at some point, reluctantly trudged on the way to (hopefully) a life full of happiness beside the person with whom we’re meant to be.

If someone has a professional job, she can claim her current priority to be advancing her career.