Dating cousins in the bible

25-Aug-2018 21:57

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The Old Testament answers some of the greatest questions of all time—where did we come from? Why do our souls yearn for eternity while our bodies yield to death and decay?

Yet, the Hebrew Scriptures leave so many other tantalizing questions unanswered.

These mysteries have nagged at the Christian imagination for centuries, inspired epic quests, and stumped some of the greatest minds of the Church.

Here are six of the greatest mysteries of the Old Testament.

Lord Byron once described this episode as “the finest and most finished witch scene that was ever written or conceived” concluding that it “beats all the ghost scenes” he had ever read.

The story also inspired a poem by another famed British poet, Rudyard Kipling. Since necromancy was forbidden in ancient Israel, some interpreters, like the Reformer Martin Luther, say the spirit was really a demon.

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Then God caused the walls of the city to crumble, and Joshua and his men stormed in, killing everyone except Rahab and her family.Presumably, the great flood of Genesis would have wiped out it out, but, for centuries, the Christian world had an unquestioning belief in the continued existence of Eden on earth, hidden from man. Thomas Aquinas wrote that the terrestrial paradise was “shut off by mountains, or seas, or some torrid region” which he said could not be crossed.So firm was the belief in the enduring physical presence of Eden that it was depicted on medieval maps.According to biblical archaeologist Eric Cline, modern DNA testing may show that today’s Jews and Palestinians, who are locked in a violent conflict of their own, are distant brothers or cousins from that tribe.

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