Dating corkscrews

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Bottles were precious and re-used many times, so corks that had been pushed inside them had to be removed.This contraption from Burgundy clamped to a half-barrel full of water.I worked in the city and lived in Bayswater for almost 6 years after the 1993 recession.To some extent I miss London and the city, despite the fact that everything is and has changed. To use these French grafting pliers (from about 1920) a cork, split in half lengthwise, was clamped around the graft.

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The British corkscrews are top quality designs usually still with an excellent patina and functionality.

Corkscrew was not only the first modern inverting coaster in the world, but it also was the first roller coaster to take riders upside down twice.

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Only the key with the matching screw thread could remove the bung. Winemakers used beaten egg whites to clarify red wine.

These tools are occasionally found in antique stores labelled as "dish rag holders".

When the train reaches the top of the hill, the train speeds down again into a banked turn.