Dating coach vancouver wa

01-Nov-2018 16:55

I speak both Mandarin and English fluently and in High School, I learned Japanese as part of my International Baccalaureate Curriculum.

I grew up in a traditional Asian household and suffered a cultural gap that affected my ability to attract women…

I also firmly believe in developing hobbies, education, lifestyle, and fitness in conjunction with pickup and game.

In order to not only consistently get but also KEEP a girl, one must not neglect lifestyle and fitness as game is only one out of the three main components.

Over the next two years, I would be present in all the Skype Coaching as well as the infield bootcamps in San Diego, LA, Vegas, and San Francisco.

I started coaching part time in Los Angeles near the end of 2012 and in mid of 2013, I quit my engineering job and moved to Vegas to coach full time.

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Upon special request, I can potentially coach anywhere in the world.

Although I am primarily in the West Coast and have been in cities such as LA, San Diego, Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and Portland, and Scottsdale, I have also done pickup in other cities such as Dallas, Austin, Albuquerque, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, and Toronto.