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In Newfoundland the drink they try to force on tourists in called "screech".This is a high-proof rum from Jamaica that is the province's unoffcial national drink.Flights can also be made to Sydney in Cape Breton from Halifax, or periodically from Boston, Toronto, or other Maritime cities. The clam chowder is to die for and the mussels are legendary.Nova Scotia is famous for its scallops and lobsters; PEI for mussels, oysters and lobsters; Newfoundland for "fish" (always refers to cod) and seal-flipper pie (yes, made from flippers of seals).In 2004, Canada celebrated 400 years of Acadia (and it also celebrated 500 years of the French presence on the island of Newfoundland).The Atlantic region is famous for its traditional music, heavily influenced by the folk traditions of Western Europe, but with a distinctive local twist.The Mi'kmaq Nation's reserves throughout Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and eastern New Brunswick dominate aboriginal culture in the Maritimes region, while Newfoundland and Labrador has a unique history of Innu, Inuit, and Mi'kmaq groups.

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Many of these expelled Acadians found their way to Louisiana, becoming known as Cajuns, while others returned to their homeland.

The local cuisine is marked by the origins of the population, French for the Acadians (e.g. Jacques"), and British and Irish for the English-speakers (e.g. When out at a pub enjoying the scene, the usual Canadian mass-market beers are available, but local specialties may be found as well.

In Nova Scotia try an Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale and in New Brunswick reach for Moosehead Lager.

The term the Maritimes is also used, but it does not include Newfoundland since it originated before 1949 when Newfoundland joined Canada.

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The people of the Atlantic Provinces are historically of west European (Scottish, Irish, English, French) and First Nations heritage.Newfoundland French is distinct from other Canadian dialects including Quebec French and Acadian French and was deliberately discouraged by the government through the 20th century; today it holds on for dear life with a few hundred speakers clustered in the Port au Port Peninsula.Halifax has the main international airport in the region.It is often noted that a Newfoundlander can give away his or her home town simply by speaking.