Dating approach anxiety

26-Sep-2018 17:40

It is not that you cannot approach women you hold back for not knowing the RIGHT and EFFECTIVE way to APPROACH WOMEN.Any man who has ever walked the path to becoming successful with women has experienced: Fear of rejection, Fear of embarrassment, Fear of the unknown, Fear of a woman reacting negatively, Fear of getting judged negatively. As a result we make excuses to cover our fear and justify our inaction.

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Most men think there is something wrong with them for feeling this way. It shows that you are a socially calibrated and thoughtful person who does not want to make women uncomfortable by your actions.

It is in our DNA to compete to be the best and to constantly measure ourselves against our peers.

It is in our DNA to sketch roadmap that will lead us to success.

The denial keeps us from seeking answers/help and excuses keep us from going after what we want.

This emotional state is what really causes approach anxiety.

Let me show you things you need to do and little changes you need to make to start getting women.