Dating antique beer bottles

08-Dec-2018 01:22

Anyway, this example has a nice, distinct blow-pipe style pontil (click base view to see such) and a sheared "straight" finish (actually these were usually cracked off the blowpipe and reheated at the glory hole to smooth out the rough rim).

The glass is crude, appropriate to the time with the color a nice, clear medium olive amber color that is neither amber nor olive dominated to my eye and passes the light very nicely. The embossing is pretty distinct - about average I think for this mold and better than the two images to the left show - with the Washington side (visible in the base view linked above) being just every so slightly more bold than Mr. The condition is very good with no chips, cracks, stars, flea bites, or the like though both sides do have some light to moderate scratching and some highpoint wear...probably from laying down somewhere for 170 years.

glasshouses - where the majority of Pike's Peak flasks were made.

This example is near mint with the original sheen (never professionally cleaned nor buried) to the glass, a nice deeper blue-aqua color glass with some body crudeness, neck stretch marks & bubbles, and a "key-base mold" smooth base.

This is a very nice example that is priced a bit less than I would have otherwise due to the noted scratching which is really not noticeable sitting on a shelf..even close-up.

5 FOR PIKE'S PEAK (walking dude/prospector above flattened oval) - (eagle with banner in beak above squared oval) - This is Mc Kearin & Wilson classification #GXI-30 - the large quart size and one of the more abundant quart Pike's Peak flasks.

or so), black glass examples are frequently found in the West. I highly recommending visiting the museum if ever near the area.) Anyway..example was found in the West but not sure where - probably California.

It is about 9.5" tall, is a very dark olive green with an amber tone (or olive amber), has a somewhat (for the era) crudely applied "oil" finish like virtually all early (and later) Hostetter's, and a slightly indented "smooth" (non-pontiled) base with what appears to be either a small "I" or "E" in the center.

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The bottle is near mint with no chips, cracks or staining (may have been professionally cleaned?) from the 19th century, many of these bottles were never tossed, but kept around until they broke or some collector found it..this one.An excellent example and certainly the most affordable of the large line of typically very beautiful Bininger liquor bottles!There are a few very short in-making stress lines in the upper neck/lip interface area where the finishing glass was applied although they are hard to see and quite common to that era in applied lip bottles.

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