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21-Nov-2018 11:46

The answer is to refer back to the original factory records and to do that you will need to get in touch with the ‘AJS and Matchless Owner’s Club (AMOC for short) in the UK.

The original factory records contain a lot of information about the bike including all the basic details such as frame, engine and gearboxes numbers, the exact model of the bike and when it was manufactured.

Been there, done that, and we’re not about to boo-hoo when (not if) it happens again. As in, “sorry ma’am, that repair bill is going to cost you a lot”. households, it’s the woman who wears the fiscal pants, so it’s really in your own best interest that the woman in your house digs motorcycles, too.

Doesn’t matter what we ride (not like she’d know the difference, anyway), your nut-job ex sees you holding hands with some girl who’s holding a helmet in the other, and suddenly, camping out on your porch with a batch of your favorite cookies on what would have been the two-year anniversary of your first date doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Not only will we approve your purchase of that vintage scrambler or the latest bike-of-the-year, we just might surprise you with it on your birthday. When some poor guy stops to ogle your bike and utters that familiar, most emasculating phrase ever voiced by the human male, “I’ve always wanted a motorcycle, but my wife won’t let me have one”, go ahead, twist that knife. Admit it: riding is a lot more fun without a 130 lbs backpack.

She may not admit it at first, but secretly, every mother hopes her son will date a strong woman.

This is your ace in the hole when she tells your mom she works part-time as a dancer at a “gentleman’s club” while studying to be a tattoo artist.

Of course, our dream-date is a long ride on a twisty road with lunch someplace where they bake their own bread and the hostess calls the guy making sandwiches “dad.” Bonus: we show up with our tanks already full. Pull off a stunt like that and we’ll probably throw ourselves at you.

The Owner’s Club have managed to save and conserve these records which they now make available for searches by the motorcycle’s current owner, even if they aren’t actually a member of the owners club.There is now an online frame dating service available which allows you to search the database for the fare number of your AJS or Matchless motorcycle.If your frame number is found, you then have the option to pay a small fee (only £5 via Pay Pal) to gain immediate access to the basic information about your frame as it left the factory.Mom will overlook all that: she rides a motorcycle, ergo, she’s strong.

The line of thinking here is “good; let her take over,” And if a motorcycle-riding, pole-dancing, tattoo artist of a girlfriend can’t make a man out of you, get help.

The factory records also contain lots of additional information which may be of interest to the current owner.