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21-Dec-2018 03:32

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Things starting moving quicker than I’d anticipated and on the most dreaded day of all the days (Valentine’s), he gave me a hand-made card and inside, was a full blown Mini Break voucher.

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We had just ordered a delicious cocktail jug, and we were pouring it into each of our glasses.

The thought of actually being in a real relationship is absolutely terrifying to me.

I wouldn’t know what to do or how to be and I’d worry that I’d be doing it all wrong.

Only my list doesn’t just explain my current relationship status (single) but my seemingly permanent one (forever alone girl? Being a psychology major, naturally I am a bit crazy, and of course I psychoanalyse myself!

So here are the results of my self-analysis – my 20 reasons why I have never had a boyfriend: 1.He was going out with a girl called Charlotte by break time. My so-called friends constantly flit between either wanting to set me up with some other equally ‘great guy’ they know, utterly dedicated to my cause.Or, they’re the first to thrust their fingers at me during drinking games, crowning me most likely to die alone with too many cats. This was my golden age; before my boobs grew over night, way before I developed a strong acne game and crucially, before carbs found me. Sadly, we hit the inevitable three-month itch (seven years in school relationship terms) when a rumour reached me that Dan was planning on dumping me on Valentine’s Day. Only the night before he’d sent me a heart pattern made of kisses on my Nokia 3310!

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