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13-Jan-2019 12:02

There’s also the possibility of meeting a guy who got married as a child (18-25), but got divorced by 30.Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he learned from that mistake, but he’s still not in the category of divorced guys we’re talking about here.He’s already made many mistakes you haven't yet had the chance to do.He’s put up with more BS than you have, yet he’s still ready for and open to new relationships.You’ll need a lot of patience and will-power to overcome the drawbacks of dating a divorcee.

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With the higher likelihood that he has children to support and spend time with or a time-consuming job, his other obligations give you time for yourself.But if you think back to your previous relationships (with guys who’ve never been married), you’ll see that there are plenty of problems with these other types of men too. But in today's world, where divorce is the norm, you might want to reconsider.If you just dismiss guys because they are divorced, you could be missing out on a whole world of potentially great partners. You don't need official statistics to tell you divorce is a pretty...And when dating is already so difficult, it’s truly a shame to let the possibility of good ones go!

When you are dating a divorced man. Make sure you make time for the relationship when you are dating. I know this may sound really obvious.… continue reading »

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