Dallas cowboy dating kim kardashian No registration sex website

07-Aug-2018 05:20

Even the most ideal situations -- Brangelina, Romessica, Bennifer -- usually don't last.

Of course, there are happy couples, like Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, who survived the whole, "hey, that's your wife on that sex tape" thing.

Which is to say, if Austin truly is in love with Kardashian, then he better make sure he doesn't let his love life alter his on-field performance, or there'll be some pretty angry Texans screaming at him during games.

(And possibly teammates blubbering about him after a big loss).

Online, friends and family are now encouraging the 29-year-old reality star to curb her tendency of dating professional athletes.

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dating a longtime friend

It was dubbed the "Yoko Romo" curse by sports fans and pundits.

So, when Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin reportedly became linked to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" siren Kim Kardashian, fans and football enthusiasts alike were wondering how the team will fare in the romance.

If you skew on the side of shamrocks and other good luck charms, there's favorable news.

Between Austin's football season and Kardashian's busy schedule filming E!

's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the couple was reportedly unable to make their romance work."They tried to keep it as low profile as possible when they were together," the source added.And, worst of all, we'll all have to suffer through more Kardashian masks at sporting events.The clock has run out on Kim Kardashian's short-lived relationship with NFL star Miles Austin."There's no huge reason except their distance apart," a source told of the split, adding that the couple's decision to part was mutual.The odds only figure 5 percent that Kardashian and Austin will announce an engagement.

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