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Abstrak: This paper presents an analysis of the restriction in standard Indonesian that only subjects are allowed to undergo A'-extraction.

Like other Austronesian languages, the (surface) grammatical subject (i.e., the SUBJ in the f-structure or gr-subject for short) plays little role, especially in the binding of morphologically complex reflexives.

This paper seeks to document the richvariability of the process of nasal substitution across languages, and show that recent attempts to discover a motivation for nasal substitution within the framework of Optimality Theory are inadequate, and are likely to remain so in any currently conceivable version of the theory.

Abstrak: Many authors describe Malay as a language which treats all nouns as mass nouns.

Hopper and Thompson's (1980) transitivity scale was applied and a statistically significant difference was found between the transitivity of the two markers. We examine the role of different conceptions of subject and their place in binding.

Comparing the occurrences of each marker with the inherent aspect of the verb showed in more than 50% of the cases the choice of marker agreed with the inherent aspect of the verb. We show that, unlike other Western Austronesian languages, the logical subject -- l-subject for short (i.e., the semantically most prominent argument) plays little role in binding: being a logicalsubject alone does not make an argument a binder.

The remainder of the cases showed sensitivity to the larger discourse features of: story time lapse, referred―to action, and character point of view. Syntactic prominence is crucial, and in particular the data on binding in Indonesian presented here further confirms the notion of syntacticised argument structured (a-str) first proposed in Manning (1994, 1996b) and also adopted in Arka (1998) wherein a central role is given to the notion of a-subject.

The specific proposal, grounded in the theory of Multiple Spell-Out, is that the feature bundle inserted in v and spelled out as the active prefix me N- cannot include an EPP feature, thereby preventing objects from moving out of VP in active clauses.

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In earlier publications such as Blust (1969, 1974a,b), the origin of the Kelabit voiced aspirates was attributed to ancestral clusters of voiced obstruent sibilant that arose from syncope in the reflexes of PA *b VS, *d VS, *j VS, *z VS, and *g VS. Problems with this analysis were pointed out by other scholars, but the alternatives that they proposed were not entirely satisfactory.

Hari Ahad pun staf unit H&T (Homologation & Testing) Proton bertungkus-lumus menguji model ini yang dijangka diperkenalkan selepas Hari Raya Aidilfitri, kemungkinan pada bulan Ogos/September.

Kali ini kita boleh lihat bentuk rim yang digunakan, tak silap saya sama je dengan rim Inspira 17 inci tu.

Abstrak: Languages are institutions, made to provide taken-for- granted encoding of the sociopolitical! Within each language there is polyglossia between the more condensed, insider-orientated and event-salient modes of expression and the more articulated, outsider-orientated and participant-salient modes; the former interfere with or control the interlocutor less than the latter.

The Malay verbal affixes are optional elements that require different grammatical analyses according to the speech variety under discussion.

Tapi bahagian dalaman masih lagi belum dapat dirakamkan, harap spyshots selepas ini dapat la shot interior model ni, nak juga tahu apa yang berbeza dengan model Prevé.

Jabatan Kerja Raya, Tan Sri Stanley Jewkes Edward. Acara pertama yang berlangsung di Stadium Negara ialah Kejohanan Badminton Asia pada 21 April 1962. Kejayaan yang paling meninggalkan kenangan ialah apabila pasukan badminton negara merangkul kejohanan Badminton Piala Thomas pada tahun 1992.… continue reading »

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