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She is subsequently kicked off of the case by an irate Garret who tells her to Woody feels some substantial pressure after being told by the dead officer's partner (now a big wig at the DA's office) Tom Malden that this case is a "make or break one." Jordan later taunts the man by telling him that her finding the body was like due to the fact that she "was just lucky." This was, perhaps, a delayed reaction to the fact that it was Malden who walked Jordan into Child Protective Services when her father was arrested on suspicion of committing murder.But trust, later Max tells Malden to stay away from his daughter and Malden tells Woody to keep an eye on the Cavanaugh's.With each of the staff members assuming a role in the case, with Max leading the way. Jordan is convinced the killer is the husband…but the evidence does not support her theory. Woody takes on the task of solving the triple homicide.Will they be able to find a killer from so long ago? Jordan is sure there is a dirty cop involved in the permanent silencing of this witness. Meanwhile, Jordan is back on the trail of her mothers killer when some new evidence surfaces. He will be greatly missed.” Ferrer, who appeared in the original TV series, will return in the upcoming revival as his original character of Albert Rosenfield.

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James outlines that he went to see their mother who said that things were crazy and that people were after her. He also clarifies that that he didn't know Jeffers was a cop; he only knew that Jeffers was trying to kill him.It is clear that James' father sent Jeffers to kill him.We later find that Malden was the lead investigator on the case, he was the last person Jordan's mother spoke to, and that he was James' father. She goes to talk to Malden over scotch that is poisoned, she tells him where James is.Renee demands that he choose between Jordan and her and he refuses to play that game.

Peter's indignant that Jordan didn't tell him that the gun belonged to her father, but oops, she didn't know herself.

With bodies piling up, and the lights out, the race is on stop this invisible killer before too many more die.