Consolidating two domains

09-Jul-2018 06:15

In other cases, multiple domains or trees in the same forest does it for them or in extreme cases, multiple forests will be required, one to act as the resource forest where all services and applications are maintained and another for all user accounts and logins.I had a client who has their Exchange 2010 organization hosted by a third party company.

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For example, suppose you have an online store and you also want to track visitor and campaign data to your blog.Similarly, use the i Framed content that is hosted in a separate domain from the parent page is regarded as third-party content.The default privacy setting for Internet Explorer 6 and above does not allow third-party websites to store cookies on the first-party site.This means that even if you manage both a domain and a sub-domain, you must make modifications to the tracking code in order to share visitor data across both domains.