Consolidating student loans after graduation

10-Oct-2018 10:10

Private consolidation lenders, on the other hand, are not subject to those terms and may include variable rates and any number of fees.What’s more, some benefits of a federal consolidation loan, such as interest subsidies on deferred loans, are not available on private loans.You may also have access to a new repayment schedule (like an income-contingent plan) that’s a little easier on your wallet.If you don’t care about the extra cash and just want a consolidation for the simplicity of a single monthly payment, you can use any money you save to pay down the principal.

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Public and private loans can’t be combined, but if you have multiple private loans, you can consolidate those, too; contact your lending institutions to find out how.A consolidation loan is just what it sounds like: You can take two or more outstanding loans and refinance them into one.As with the Stafford Loans, there are both Direct and FFEL consolidation programs.If you have all Direct Loans, you can even apply by phone.

What types of loans may be consolidated? The following types of loans may be consolidated, including loans made in the FFEL program and the Direct Loan program. Direct Loans - Subsidized and Unsubsidized; Grad PLUS Loans; Parent PLUS Loans; Federal Consolidation Loans; Perkins Loans; HEAL/HPSL Student.… continue reading »

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Dec 26, 2015. Hi! It depends on the type of loan. Most federal student loans, including the following, are eligible for consolidation but not until after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment. Federal loans Direct Subsidized Loans. Direct Unsubsidized Loans. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans.… continue reading »

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Apr 1, 2005. To a college grad swamped with multiple student loans that have come due, loan consolidation is an enticing option. If you're just finishing college, you'll want to consolidate your loans after you graduate but before your grace period ends, so that you can take advantage of the lower in-school interest rate.… continue reading »

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Sep 19, 2016. When you get federal student loans from the government for medical school, you don't just get one loan you get at least one per year. Back in the day when graduate students still received subsidized loans, many borrowers would receive three one subsidized, one unsubsidized, and often a small.… continue reading »

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The Federal government offers students the Direct Consolidation Loan to help them manage their Federal college loans. Students who have received a Stafford, Perkins or FFEL loan are eligible for the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan only after they have graduated from college. These loans allow students to combine.… continue reading »

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