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In 1994, Dominica generated 78% of its electricity from hydropower.However, in year 2008 the relative share has dropped down to 23%. The proportion of available RE capacity has decreased in Dominica over time.This has been changing over time, due to weather trends, increased demand and outages due to damage caused by e.g. The latest decrease was in 2007, where three new Diesel generators totaling 4.2 MW were installed to replace older units at Fond Cole, resulting in 1.28MW net addition to the system.That same year, Hurricane Dean struck the island, causing damage to the Padu hydro plant and making it unavailable for production.However, if shut-downs for maintenance, hydro dry-season and plant retirement plans are taken into consideration the available power from diesel and hydro can be estimated to be around 20 MW.Electricity generation in 2008 was equivalent to 87 GWh, of which hydro plants produced 20.6 GWh (23%) and diesel generating plants 66.9 GWh (77%).

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Close Extend network Slow economic growth in the last few years has resulted in slow growth in power demand (cost conscious households and businesses; minimal new investment in agri-business, tourism, manufacturing) and hence little or no investment in additional generation or system upgrades.Aging and poor quality electricity distribution lines cause high line losses – upwards of 10-14% - which is charged to the electricity consumer.Electricity production in Dominica is mainly based on fossil fuels.The country is therefore dependent on fuel imports and exposed to increasingly volatile prices.