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Martin, and though popularized in large part by him, did not originate with him.

His charts are used simply because he has charts (and most other proponents do not).

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In fact, in the Aramaic text of the form in Numbers , but with the Aramaic ending.A chart is provided on page 2 of the summary sheet below.The ancientest understanding in Judaism is that the “sons of G-d” in Bereshit/Genesis 6:4 are believers (the usual meaning of the term), and the daughters of men” are pagans, and that it is the intermarriage between the two that leads to the moral corruption described in Bereshit/Genesi 6:5.[16] It should be remembered when analyzing any claim regarding the date of a text that dating a document is much like any other exegetical task in that the exegete brings with him or her certain presuppositions which often “bend” the data toward an expected result.

This is just as true in assigning a date to an archaeological element as it is in assigning a meaning to a Biblical text.The Hebrew plural participial forms for I-nun verbs, however, include neither of the forms נְפִלִים and נְפִילִים as possibilities.The masculine plural passive forms required for the rendering of “fallen ones” (across the various (in the niphal stem) have also been proposed, but the same conjugation issues found in attempting to use naphash equally plague those three roots.The two different spellings for the word are best explained as a defective (incomplete) spelling and a (נָפַל), the forms found as substantivals in Genesis and Numbers cannot be found in any conjugation patterns known to occur in a I-nun Hebrew verb, and thus it is grammatically impossible for נָפַל to be the .

Brief biography of Saint Benedict, born ca. 480 AD, he began his life as a monk in Subiaco and wrote a Rule for monasteries that civilized Europe. He and his twin.… continue reading »

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Father Christ has appeared among us. All Come, let us adore Him. Mother The precious gifts which the Magi brought to the Lord this day are threefold, and they are.… continue reading »

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