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26-Nov-2018 14:48

According to Cooper, CCTV footage and audio obtained by police following the attack showed Colman laughing in a taxi with friends while bragging about his actions.Colman's actions may have only netted him an 0 fine, but they should have been treated as serious enough to prevent his casting by Channel Ten.Networks need to start reflecting the values they claim to have and paying closer attention to the ethics of their decisions.

It's fuelled by alcohol and testosterone and is overwhelming perpetrated by and against young men in Colman's age bracket.

With respect to the fact she's reportedly already married one of the male contestants on the season, literally none of them were worthy of her; and3.

Australian television executives are complicit in giving platforms to abusers for the sake of good ratings, and they have a lot to answer for.

Hugh Garth was the first man to be convicted under NSW's new one-punch legislation, after punching Raynor Manalad, 21, in Sydney's west.

The laws were introduced after the fatal one-punch attacks of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie in Sydney's King's Cross.

If you've been following the journey of Sophie Monk in the most recent Australian season of The Bachelorette, you'll be suitably apprised of three facts.1.

Yep, she's gay. Clementine Ford, former L Word star and daughter of Cybill Shepherd, has officially come out."I am gay," she told The Advocate. "I just wanted.… continue reading »

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A feminist writer who alerted the company of a man who called her a slut on social media is facing another deluge of abuse for naming and shaming him. Clementine Ford.… continue reading »

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Clementine Ford sets the record “straight. “CLEMENTINE FORD COMES OUT. I thought of the friend who told me she’d feel betrayed if I ever dated a man;.… continue reading »

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The man spectacularly fired by his employer for abusing high-profile columnist Clementine Ford online is trying to pick up the pieces and find a new job, his.… continue reading »

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Clementine Ford Men with a history of violence have no place on dating shows Clementine Ford 29. Putting forward a man with a violent streak as a potential.… continue reading »

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Daily Life. Home; News. Clementine Ford Society has an insistence that a rapist is a foreboding man with a. Clementine Ford For those of us who work to.… continue reading »

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