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Koszykowska’s work creates a visual séance, opening up a dialogue with traditional depictions of the veil as a decorative object and responding to its religious connotations throughout the history of art.Being born under the caul, Koszykowska has an unusually personal connection to the veil.''At present I am drawn to silence and contemplation in my work, which often deals with single figures deep in thought, in their own world.I have been attracted to painting by the images of the great masters of the past and my interest lies in the craft of being a painter.'' Clarissa Koch Aroi Clarissa Koch was born in Munich in 1972.I usually work on a painting between two and six months.Often I am working on two or three paintings at the same time. The frame is often part of the final idea for the image before I begin to paint. For my drawings I use charcoal, chalk and sanguine when working on a larger scale, or silverpoint or pencil on prepared paper for smaller pieces. In the field of painting, Filipino visual artists depicted women in their painting as women who are influential and with authority, women who are engaged in domestic activities, and women who are shown to be under the control of influential men in the Philippines or foreign men.In painting the faces and figures of Filipino women, Philippine National Artist Fernando Amorsolo (1892-1972) was able to develop his own template on how to paint and create Filipino women in his art: women with rounded faces but not oval, with "exceptionally lively eyes" (not dreamy or sleepy), with "firm and strongly marked" noses (not blunt in form), with clear skin and fresh color, not necessarily of white complexion nor of dark brown Malayan color.

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Prolific in his career as a painter, Luna produced scenes that depict Philippine and European life.

Her own caul disappeared at birth, and it is impossible to resist the temptation to draw parallels between this and the subject matter she chooses to depict; as if the spirit of her caul was somehow exerting an ineffable influence on her paintings.