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At this point, the town issued a reply to Digby: "The King's Majesty, providing he were attended in Royal and not in war like wise, should be as welcome to that town as ever was Prince to People; but as to delivering up the good Town of Marlborough to such a traitor as Lord Digby ...

Previously to ♥My name is KB, a 23 years old blogger from the Philippines.

I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines with the course of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I also studied in University of the Philippines Diliman for a year as a multimedia student.

Another change in the procedure between FZA’s predecessor is that any original posts (non-reblogs) have a clever form of censorship (a stamp and heavy pixelizing) to protect the identities of the Nice Guys, and therefore protecting this blog from litigious or otherwise detractive action. ” stamp functions as both a quality-control joke and insurance.

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There are likely many angry Zone-dwellers out there making content that we’ve yet to uncover.

University is coming to an end, and I'm not sure where or what to do after.