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First Bank of Heaven 4 characters A readers theater about what Christians should really think about treasure. God's Will 1 male, 1 female During a frist date Ted seems to ask if EVERYTHING is in God's will to the point it ends up being self-righteous and self serving.Humility 2 characters A simple piece showing that we all must be humble when not only dealing with non-Christians, but fellow believers as well.IRS and the Brothel 1 male or female A monologue about a diner between the IRS headquarters and a brothel.A great monologue about reaching out to people and not afraid of taking a risk of being seen in the bad croud and how hard it is.Christian Skits Warning: Some of these scenes, although edited time and time again, may contain typos, plot holes, and things that just don't make sense. 4 females characters This skit shows what happens when Christians get to tied up in guilt, shame, and self-righteousness instead of understanding and gently rebuking.

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Dating Game 2 males, 1 female, 1 either male or female A dating show where the bachelors are Jesus and Satan, so I guess it kind of hinges on blasphemy, but it is supposed to be a metaphor so deal with it.Easy Answers 1 female, 1 either male or female Another simple scene where a salesman tells a woman everything she wants to hear about being happy: mainly life is all about her.Father's Love 3 males A simple skit about a father loving both his kids equally even though one kid treats him very badly. 2 characters A skit about a fireman who will "put our the fire when he gets around to it, there is no rush." A great skit for lessons about living every moment like it is our last because Jesus can come back at any moment. Good Samaritan 1 male, 3 male or female Just a run of the mill telling of the Good Samaritan parable involving pot luck dinners and the salvation by faith or works debate.Jerry the Late Pharisee 4 males (if you want to be historically accurate) I wrote this as a skit for a mental and emotional release I needed after a powerful scene about the woman caught in adultery.

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