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30-Jul-2018 15:40

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, small flocks of Christian nudists would pop up in the English-speaking world, getting blasted as Satanists, mystics, communists. All of the others are old hands at nudism and Jesus; most are permanent residents here at the resort or in the nearby clothed environs.

This is the Christianity we've grown accustomed to in America, a religious culture made comically neurotic and obsessive by its knee-jerk fear of cocks and tits and pussies.Those people in Caliente—with their "MILFs and Mesh" club parties—are at one end of the spectrum. I realize she's emphasizing the niceness because I'm an outlier, the only person under 40 unaccompanied by a partner.I'm the naked guy upsetting the naked balance, with tan lines announcing my recent disrobing.In the first centuries after Christ's death, sects of naked "Adamites" reportedly emerged, worshiping in secret, "men and women appearing in a state of nature to imitate Adam and Eve, and calling their meetings paradise." Early church fathers and moral killjoys like Epiphanius and Augustine had little use for the zealots' holy nudism, deriding them as apostates.describes an "Anabaptist sect in the Netherlands about 1580" that "required candidates for admission to appear unclothed before the congregation and thus show that physical desire had no power over them." When more zealous practitioners took their naked message to the streets of Amsterdam, they were brought to heel by concerned citizens with muskets., the Adamites made it to England.

Pro-government pamphleteers described the devoted nudists as heretical libertines, lumping them in with Quakers and Puritans and other dissenter sects whose fervor threatened the crown. S.-based Christian Nudist Convocation organizes gatherings and exhorts members "to be faithful in their service to our Lord within their nudist and clothed communities." Humans, the Convocation asserts, are "created with bodies and we confess that the naked human form is good and wholesome." All the same, CNC-approved events make clear that they have moral standards to uphold: "' Swinging' is against God's moral law and will not be tolerated." Which was how I found myself in the dead of a Florida summer, not amid the sinners at Caliente, but at Lake Como, once The terror of stepping out nude ends like a cliff dive, and I float along in the Lake Como Rec Hall with about 20 other saved and bared souls, stirring at individual styrofoam bowls of Neapolitan ice cream as we introduce ourselves and our scars, growths, wrinkles, stains, and flaps.

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