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05-Dec-2018 03:53

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He is known for his involvement in Union Pacific, a restaurant he opened in 1997 in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan.

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He graduated in 1986 from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and in 1990 from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in business.A Xanax'd look of nearly thoughtless euphoria crosses his face, his already shrouded eyes squint, and he performs a series of moves so natural that they recall every practice-driven cliché spilled from the lips of Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Lee. Rocco Di Spirito, who is just over 50, might be the most talented American chef alive at this very moment.Also: Rocco Di Spirito hasn't cooked in a restaurant kitchen in 13 years. And for that he became a punchline, mocked by early Bourdain and others in the white-coat mafia, and castigated by critics, most of whom, as current have those grievances.where Chef Balthazar Wolf is murdered in his own scorching-hot New York restaurant "Q3," owned by Beckett's high school best friend Madison Queller, who later goes on a date with Castle, stirring up jealous emotions Beckett isn't quite ready to face. Because Rocco Di Spirito could have been one of the greats. A temporary respite that just got too comfortable, or a well-planned second act?

Rocco DiSpirito - Who doesn't love a man who can cook? Win a date with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and you could be in for a gourmet surprise.… continue reading »

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Rocco DiSpirito, New York, New York. 415,827 likes 987 talking about this. Author of "The Pound A Day Diet & "Cook Your Butt Off!" and Healthy Food.… continue reading »

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