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If you're not proud of your post, then don't post [email protected]: Sometimes people have things they need to say, problems they need to share, but sometimes its hard to get stuff out.Commonly written under an alias for added spookiness. It seems to happen to some people more than others and follow few real patterns, but these are some suggestions. When you begin a post, don't press enter and then start writing. The computer will most likely not know how to render it as the title. Perhaps you shouldn't write the first line of your post in bold or . Na No: Na No Wri Mo, or National Novel Writing Month.The originals took place in ski lodges, but they do not have to. In other words, if there is an extra space before your text it is almost certainly not going to have a title-- the computer will look at the first line, see a blank line, and as a result put nothing as the title. Doing so has worked many times for CBers, but if you are cursed by the "..." it may have something to do with your particular computer not understanding how to analyze such text. This is where users have a month to reach a word-count goal that they set in YWP or 60,000 words on Na No. Here's some more: Thread: A page on the CB, listed in the Areas of the CB (Pudding's Place, Inkwell,ect.) Top: when you want a thread to be listed at the top of one of the areas of the CB, you can post "top" and the admins might post the thread on the top!

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An alternate name or personality that some CBers have and post as for a little fun or a different way of expressing themselves. Note: AEs should be used in moderation and only on threads where it is appropriate. Usually written in first person, but it's not a requirement. This is when one "uses" another person's charrie. Puddings Place (PP): Those of you who read Cricket will know that Pudding is a theatre-loving firefly. We cam to an unofficial agreement of these rules, suggested by Abi: TOPPING: Because of a glitch in the system, the first comment on a NEW POST sends the post to the back pages.

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