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09-Dec-2018 09:50

So girls used to be treated wrong, now they're treated better, but too good almost. The guy doesn't something dumb, the girl does something genius, why?

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If they don't answer you can leave a flashy sticker, a detailed recorded message or a short 10-second video note, which are thumbnail GIF-like loops that let you share your true feelings with just your face.Snapchat released a feature packed update with the hopes of being labeled as a fully-loaded communication tool.Chat 2.0 has hundreds of flashy stickers to share, easier video controls for chatting and other options to help users transition between communication mediums – 'just like you do in person'More than 200 stickers featuring walruses, sloths, aliens, the iconic Snapchat ghost and more have been added, which users can search through using keywords – similar to Facebook Messenger.Also, if you think about it, this world isn't very balanced either Those are mostly my opinions though, I don't mean to start an argument I disagree. A lot of people were happy that he was dead, in fact the man did terrifying things.

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But, there might be relatives of him which were very sad.

i think we're equal but not quite, because there's still some points that are not fair.