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Seems like a curse, sometimes, to have a working brain. I've been reading some threads on this site that claim that we Lebanese are arab, WE ARE NOT,we are closer to Europeans than Arabs,in every single aspect.

Its Also Lebanonization By Steve Sailer With violence and chaos descending upon Lebanon once again, it's worth recalling what first transformed this one-time "Switzerland of the Middle East" into a synonym for horror: ethnic diversity, differential birthrates; immigration. Although many in our ahistorical punditariat had declared that Iraq was going to be "the first Arab democracy", Lebanon was a successful democracy beginning in 1943, when it gained independence from France.You may have many requests to prove to US, but we aren't here to prove to YOU.Good day, mm14 Releasing the bonds of guilt and standing upright, rather than living on my knees hoping for forgiveness, has strengthened me.I have returned to the ways of my ancestors, out of respect and honour for them and myself.

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Do not forget your roots and shed the ways of a foreign race.

Under French guidance, the Lebanese worked out an ingenious political system.

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