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(For more information on the layers of film and their roles in film, (See ”Film Preservation for an Academic Collection” CARLI Workshop October 13, 2008.) This makes them similar in some significant physical ways that differentiate them from polyester film.They are both easy to tear (and consequently to splice) while polyester is hard to cut or to tear and therefore to splice.Once the deterioration process begins, it feeds further decay.Generally, the optimal preservation strategy requires colder and drier conditions.These are its major characteristics: a vinegary odor caused by the actual creation of vinegar as the film decomposes, brittleness, shrinking, bubbling on film surface, and a pink or blue coloration.(For a full explanation of the chemical processes involved, see James M.Some use microclimates; some attempt more macro fixes.In any case, a great deal of very practical and precise research has been conducted on the optimal conditions for varying degrees of deterioration.

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If then viewed through transmitted light, colors like “oil slicks on ponds” will appear.For precise measurements of speed and progress of deterioration already begun and best storage practices, see the “IPI Storage Guide to Acetate Film” written by James M. Accompanying Reilly’s guide is a very handy set of tables and a wheel to determine storage needs of acetate film based on present conditions.It should be clearly understood that no storage methods can restore film, it can only retard further damage.These four kinds of film come in three major materials: nitrate, acetate and polyester.