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Chad even apologized, sort of, to Evan – or at least promised to give him for the shirt he ripped off his back in a fit of rage.

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(You’re a brave man, Derek.) A few hours later Jo Jo returned to the house for the cocktail party wearing a two-piece sparkly crop top/skirt combo that proved her love of sequins truly knows no bounds. Plot twist: This was a woodfire tub so Luke chopped a whole bunch of wood to heat it up and looked great doing it.

Jo Jo and Robby got very intense very quickly, telling each other how much they liked each other and making out all up against a pool table.

Robby also said he was falling in love with Jo Jo HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE SO SOON?

Jo Jo and Jordan were all over each other, as usual. Luke is a total stud so he obviously got the first one-on-one date in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania.

Jo Jo wondered if this was “too good to be true” but Jordan promised all his smooth talking isn’t “an act.” (Evidence has pointed otherwise, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now.) At first, Chad seemed almost *chill* and behaved more like a stable adult than he has all season, but all chill quickly evaporated once he overheard Derek talking about him to Jo Jo. If you haven’t heard of this place, all you need to know is that it is extremely beautiful and romantic.

Evan got a nosebleed AGAIN and tried to hide it from Jo Jo. The winning team got to go onto the evening portion of the date with Jo Jo.

May 27, 2015. Name, Alex Day. Birth Name, Alex Richard George Day. Birth Place/City, Hornchurch. Profession, Musician, vlogger and writer. Ethnicity, White. Nationality, British. Net Worth, $ 5 million. Hair Color, Light-Brown. Eye Color, Hazel. Weight in KG, N/A. Girlfriend, Carrie Hope Fletcher. Married, Not Yet.… continue reading »

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As for his dating history, the musician, singer and writer was rumored to date Kristina Horner. The beautiful couple was noticed several times in various cafes and restaurants. But then they split. His second – and the main – love was Carrie Hope Fletcher, the other member of YouTube. Alex Day Best Songs. Alex Day. Carrie.… continue reading »

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Questions to Ask During Your Interview That Will Make an Employer Want to Hire You. Alex DayAlex O'loughlinPretty PeopleBeautiful PeopleMusic IndustryYoutubersFamous PeopleYou're AwesomeAwesome Things. The inimitable Alex Day. What a hottie!… continue reading »

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Carrie Hope Fletcher has been in relationships with Alex Day 2013 – 2014.… continue reading »

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