Carbon dating oops

27-Oct-2018 19:40

The bones of the partial leg and foot within the boot were revealed by an elaborate set of C. Scans performed at Harris Methodist Hospital in Bedford, Texas on July 24, 1997.

Only the contents of the boot are fossilized, not the boot itself, demonstrating that some materials fossilize more readily than others.

Oh yeah, what was coppied was a summery of the story. stumason i take a bit of offence at your statement, "Hmmm.

This is gonna turn into one of those threads where all the bible nutjobs come out to play." i am not a nutjob just because i choose to believe in a higher power, and that the bible is correct.

it is used to try and prove that things have evolved over millions of years.

"see we have these fossles that are part of the evolutionary changes, they must be a few million years old to have been fossilized".

Leddy boot company of San Angelo, Texas which began manufacturing boots in 1936.It's cut from another site that's full of ridiculous claims.) Don't try this one at home, folks, because you'll feel embarrassed if you encounter someone up on their science. So this isn't a fossil, and the word has gotten out to most of the Biblical and Creationist sites (who acknowledge that it's not a fossil.) However, there are a few who persistantly refuse to understand what fossils really are and try to use it as a refutation of geological processes.The "creation science museum" has been caught faking a lot of things, including the "Paluxy Man Track" (a carving of a footprint that they tried to pass off as a real footprint in stone.) Most of the creationists have now distanced themselves from it. A complete set of these scans remains with the boot at the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.

"We know absolutely for certain, it takes millions and millions of years for fossils to petrify." Oh yeah? The Radiologic Technician was Evelyn Americus, AART.

Now people are working off of Byrd's comments as though they are now established fact. By all means spill the beans we want to heard from your sources.....far hers is most reasonable.