Carbon dating live clam

23-Jan-2019 13:18

Then we can overlay that with older shells and work our way back.” The trip had brought an unexpected windfall of old shallow-water shells, actually – not just from dredging, but from the storms that stirred up the waters early in our trip.

A few days previously we’d stumbled upon thousands of Arctica islandica shells at Sanden Bay, heaved ashore by overnight storms. ” Wanamaker exclaimed, kneeling on the white-sand beach and examining the goods.

” Sifting through our first scoops was frustrating.

We spent most of an hour lowering, dragging and raising the dredge each time, with no live clams to be found.

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“It was a toned-down Eureka moment,” Wanamaker told me back on shore.

But we’d like at least 50-year-olds to start cross-dating.” They’re hopeful that they’ll find those elusive clams next year.

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