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We are inseperable and when around eachother no one else exists except him.. It's like we are so magical together, reading each others thoughts, and the sex is incredible as well! lol Good luck to you all, hope you can find your hapy place with a Cap as well!

lol Damn i don't know if it's cause we've been friends since the age of 14, or that we were just meant to be together....i'm happy as ever and so is he! Hi am a aries woman in love with a older capricorn man,he seems distance sometimes i feel like he restraining himself from me.

We have broken up because being a STUBBORN cappi man that he is, he does not want to try and give in to my Pisces needs a little.

I am a Pisces woman and posted a comment on the Cap man/Pisces woman forum about how he's hurt me because when he keeps his feelings reined in, I think he doesn't care about me.

He disappears too for a couple days but txts me that he misses me. He is open to communicating with me and I know he feels comfortable and we both know there is an attraction.

I told him "my kids are the love of my life and I'm not looking for a sex partner. He to has sent text mssgs and we have had very nice conversations.

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Be reckless with your money and a Capricorn will be reckless with your heart. They like for a “man to be a man” and a “woman to be a woman,” so to speak. I tend to stay away from my slower moving Earth signs because as a Sagittarius, I do not do all that well with patience and sitting still.However he sends me nice and sweet emails sparingly so I know he thinks about me. From the second date my gorgeous cap guy has been open and very emotional with me. I am in a relationship with a male Cap,and he treats me like a true queen! However,at times he seems very distant yet, still open. Thanks to all of you for the insight on the Capricorn male's disappearing act.

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