Cam dating intern bones

07-Feb-2019 23:56

I think she also is annoyed that Booth is right, but can’t quite express that.

I love his interrogation of her, and that it worked.

Booth and Brennan are in the Keep speaking with Neil Tyler.

Brennan is annoyed that he’s using the wrong words, but more importantly, she’s annoyed that the case can’t be solved. Brennan is annoyed that Booth knows that; she never told him that. He’s got eyes, and Brennan’s not exactly CIA material. For those keeping score at home, I tend to be someone who needs to know ALL of the reasons why something occurs. ’ one more time, I give you permission to stop this car and turn it around! And when Booth wants to clink Dixie cups with her, she scoffs, “What, are we Russian? ” Booth declares (which, pal Olga, I hope can confirm means “Cheers! ) “I’ll tell you what ELSE I know,” Booth adds with certainty. They are in charge of authenticating acquisitions and it is a very competitive environment with the top intern earning the Bates Fellowship worth ,000.Evan mentions that Kristin was the front-runner for the fellowship. I’m guessing it has more to do with a Zack-related plot point that was lost to the writer’s strike. Booth eyes her for a moment, sets down the bottle and says, “No, I’m not.” Whatever her question is/means…I think she gets the answer she wants, and so I’m more inclined upon this re-watch to accept it.