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Bergin presented empirical research that showed, using a large sample of BYU students compared with other (non-religious) students, that religion can have positive effects on mental health.Ellis quipped with something like, “I know about those BYU students — they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.” Bergin responded that the lie scale detected by the MMPI (one of the surveys used in the study) was not significantly different among the groups.After Stanford, Bergin completed post-doctoral work at the University of Wisconsin with Carl Rogers, one of the most famous psychologists of all time.Rogers, along with Abraham Maslow, is seen as the founder of humanistic psychology.

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Scott Richards several books regarding spirituality and psychotherapy, all of which are seen as significant works in the area.He then something like, “It would probably upset a whole lot of people if Joseph Smith ended up being right.” Bergin commented that he was surprised that Skinner even knew of this connection, but in talking with him about it, he learned that Skinner grew up in the Harmony, Pennsylvania area and so he was well acquainted with the tradition. Stevens became a very influential psychologist in his own right, playing a major role for removing the subjective from psychology through operational definitions — a very poor move, in my opinion.(I wonder also if Skinner had some familiarity because of S. Stevens, a Mormon from rural Utah who was a classmate of Skinner’s at Harvard; both worked under E. Interestingly, nearly everyone who knew Stevens well saw him as an arrogant egoist with awful people skills; he left the Church in his early years at Harvard.As a result, Bergin began to investigate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — a long process that resulted in his joining the Church (after he began being a student at BYU, where he and Marian both transferred) and marrying Marian. Thomas, a BYU professor and Reed College alumnus, played a key role in Bergin’s conversion. program in clinical psychology at Stanford University, in which he worked with Albert Bandura, among others.

At BYU, Bergin switched his study emphasis to psychology, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Bandura, famous for his social-cognitive theory, was a leader of the cognitive-behaviorist movement in psychology.(You can’t talk about spirituality in psychotherapy without citing Richards and Bergin.) OK, let me tell you about some interesting experiences Bergin had — all of which he spoke about with remarkable tenderness and fondness for the famous psychologists involved.Skinner Bergin had an interesting encounter with B. Skinner, an enormously famous and controversial psychologist who is the founder of modern behaviorism.Years later, around 1980, when Bergin was at BYU, he gave a presentation where he presented the ideas that would soon be published in his landmark article on spiritual and religious psychotherapy interventions.

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