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29-Sep-2018 08:06

Recently I messed up GRUB boot loader in my laptop installed with Ubuntu which resulted in grub rescue prompt. Thought of blogging it, may be useful for some one. First one is to chroot into Ubuntu installation partition.

Second one is to install the grub MBR (Master Boot Record).

Contents GRUB v1 for Debian (package ) can be installed with: To install GRUB v2, you need install the appropriate variant of grub v2, depending on your system's firmware (usually , see ).

GRUB "v2" for Debian (package ) can be installed with: If your system isn't a regular PC (i.e if your system has EFI or Open Firmware rather than a BIOS), you may have to install another version of GRUB (see ). Make sure you read the comments, /usr/share/doc/grub/README.

It is compatible with MBR, GPT and other partitioning tables. Where GRUB 0.97 is discussed, it will be referred to by version number or as GRUB Legacy.

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Contents This page details the procedures for installing and reinstalling GRUB 2.

The GRUB 2 bootloader is included on all currently-supported versions of the Ubuntu family.

GRUB 2 can accomodate traditional computer firmware such as BIOS as well as the newer EFI/UEFI standards.

User preferences are stored in the /etc/default/grub file.

The GRUB 2 menu is built by information contained in /boot/grub/

In such a case I do one of the following: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair & (But apt-get update on a live USB might involve updates that take some time - and are also useless if the live usb is not persistent - so I recommend the first solution.) Using Boot Repair to fix/reinstall GRUB is simple, just choose default/recommended repair option; more details .