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In the middle of Seinne and Arie's date, Maquel got a call from her mom, who informed the bachelorette that her grandfather had passed away.Maquel was shocked and found her grandfather's death "unexpected" because he wasn't sick.But Seinne knew that in order to stay in a relationship with Arie, she had to let her walls down and take a risk.Arie considered Seinne well traveled and intelligent, as well as a good conversationalist and kisser.Maquel cried because she was really close to him and felt the need to go home.The other girls assumed Arie would be compassionate and understanding enough to let Maquel return to the competition when she was ready.

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host Chris Harrison then walked into the Los Angeles mansion and announced to the group that they would be traveling to South Lake Tahoe.Back on Seinne's date, the bachelorette asked Arie why he hadn't found love since Emily Maynard on five years ago.Arie said he had dated people after the show who weren't really ready for marriage as a way to protect himself.Arie felt it was a safe approach to dating, but he hadn't put himself in a position to genuinely meet someone who could be his future wife.

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Seinne then told Arie her parents' marriage wasn't perfect and she learned from watching them that relationships and love are hard.It wasn't long before Seinne Fleming discovered she'd be accompanying Arie on the week's first one-on-one date.Her Date Card read, "Let's let our love soar." Caroline said that while Seinne is an amazing woman, she seemed to be missing a romantic connection with Arie.that this love story was "more appropriate" for the other girls.