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It would’ve been a whole 10 days that Mark Sheppard wasn’t employed by some brand of genre TV. The collective sense of offense that Something Awesome Was Taken Away From Us caused a whole community to form and, bound together by their loss, they went on to host screenings, throw conventions and raise tens of thousands of dollars for various charities. Would I have loved to see the continuing adventures of the ad-hoc family at the heart of Firefly as Whedon and his Sky Bully intended? But what we got in trade was raw potential—the Firefly that exists now is just a starting point for our collective imagination to take it places unburdened by the confines of the screen. (Beware—there are SPOILERS AHEAD.) V is definitely on the bubble when it comes to a possible renewal, averaging a rating of 1.9 in adults 18-49 with over 5 million total viewers, which makes it “more likely to be cancelled than renewed,” according to

The Firefly that we fervently wish would exist is undoubtedly better than whatever Firefly we’d get. That’s less than the 2.2 rating it got during season one, which earned it a second season.

So things are not looking great for the alien invasion series.

However, the exciting game-changing season finale has me unexpectantly rooting for this series to be renewed, and here’s seven reasons why. ) I don’t think there’s any character I hated more on any show this season than Tyler.

So he doesn’t know any of that.” He went on to say that Ryan wouldn’t have a lot of information because the Vs worked in cells.

“Each V is only given information on a need-to-know basis.” I’m willing to buy that, but not that he wouldn’t have filled them in from the beginning about what he does know about being a V, what is the best way to kill a V (which he finally did when they were plotting to assassinate Anna) or what the Vs actually look like.

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Anna took the betrayal and spat it out, taking Diana and Lisa down, while strengthening her position.

Even though it’s not fair to compare the less experienced Huffman with the likes of Mitchell and Baccarin, his presence hurt the series and V will be far better without him.

The other major character who definitely needed to be killed off was Morris Chestnut’s Ryan Nichols, and that happened (at least I hope it happened) when his own daughter, Amy, wrapped her tail around his neck and snapped it.

He was an annoying spoiled brat and totally unworthy of having Erica has his mother.

Part of the blame lies with the writers who had Tyler make very bad decisions most of the time.While he might have been able to hand Firefly off to a trusted lieutenant—like Tim Minear or Jane Espenson—who knows if he’d have been as receptive to Eliza Dushku’s pitch if he already had a job? Would he still be the totemic geek messiah—one whose name gets bandied about for every genre role from Green Lantern to Hawkeye to Nathan Drake, one who gets the cover of national magazines because he’s a “geek god,” one whose offhand comments become rallying cries—if Firefly ran its course? He’d be just another wonderfully lucky actor who got to do what he loved for as long as he wanted to. ABC’s V has been frustrating to watch, because while I love parts of it, some of the characters and the decisions they’ve made have driven me crazy.He’d also never have had the time to write Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men comics, a series the company created just for him and went on to sell like gangbusters and win a plethora of awards. Summer Glau would not have been free to co-star in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and it would’ve been a worse show for it. Jewel Staite never wouldn’t have made it to Stargate: Atlantis or Wonderfalls. So imagine my surprise when I watched the season-two finale, “Mother’s Day,” last night and got excited by the possibility of a third season. Let us know your favorite moment from the Sci Fi Diner Podcast! Send your answer with your mailing address to [email protected], call us at 18885084343, or DM us on Twitter at @scifidiner.

Nov 3, 2017. Moving on to his personal life biography, Kevin has now got married yet. He is presently in relationship with his girlfriend named Brea Grant. The couple started dating with each other since the year 2013 and now, they are living their life happily. Previous to that, he was in relationship with his then girlfriend.… continue reading »

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