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05-Aug-2018 23:23

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This will remove you from the seller frame and put you into the buyer frame.

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Post photos with you playing the guitar, or riding an elephant or driving a sports car (not standing next to one!!!!!!! Write a short, interesting bio too – treat it like the trailer, not the whole movie. It can be very difficult to not think about the outcome – especially since you are investing heavily in improving your looks, social skills, attitude, personality etc. When you stop wondering about the result, you live in the moment and the real you gets a chance to shine through.In general, online dating can do wonders to your confidence and game.

It will help you to get out of the needy and scarcity mind set.Looking good at all times increases the chances of men coming up to you and trying to impress you. Many women have an extreme case of approach anxiety.They literally freeze up at even the prospect of talking to an unknown guy.There is no fear of rejection since you are not doing anything weird like using a pickup line that you googled earlier.