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She has been videotaped and photographed entertaining groups of guys...

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And being his white female type did certain things to me… I remembered my husband telling me that I looked sexy that night, and I had reason to be.

I was meeting my boss for drinks, but I lied, telling my husband that I was on a night out with the girls.

My wife and I were only married a few years in our 20s. My wife and I had been talking about her having ... she repeatedly said she didn't think it would be good for our relationship, but after discussing it for a few months and a night out with her girlfriends and a few drinks... She simply loves to suck and fuck all the time, anytime.

she gave it some serious thought and actually had ... The wife and I decided to role play at a hotel lounge we acted as if we never met so as I order her a drink from the bartender another man also sent her one we discussed it and agreed to engage in a threesome... She has been gang banged by clubs, fraternities, softball teams, bowling teams, the night shift at a 24-hour gas station.

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I had on a black mid-thigh skirt that clung tightly to my ass, a loose beige top with a deep frontal plunge designed to reveal an ample amount of cleavage, pumps on my feet, bare legs and a...

Includes interracial romance, interracial-romance, inter-racial romance, interracial rmance, Interracial romance. Interracial dating › Fiction 5… continue reading »

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Couples' Stories. These are stories contributed by real interracial. in loved and happy we are now dating and she means a whole lot to me and with.… continue reading »

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