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She married her cousin Methuselah and named her first-born son Lamech after her father.This pattern of marriage can be traced from Genesis 4 and 5 to the lines of Joseph and Mary in the New Testament, demonstrating that Jesus is a direct descendant of the people to whom God made the first promise of the Bible that a woman of their ruler-priest lines would bring forth the "Seed" of God (Gen. Jesus' mother's name was Miriam daughter of Joachim Son of Pntjr (Panther) Priests of Nathan of Beth Lehem.The biblical record often speaks of two different people who had the same name. It can no longer be claimed that these rulers did not live in history.This is true of Lamech the Elder and Lamech the Younger, of Joktan the Elder and Joktan the Younger, and of Sheba the Elder and Sheba the Younger. Their marriage and ascendancy pattern is authentic and can be traced from Genesis 4 to the New Testament records of Mary and Joseph's families.Genesis 46, Judah went into Egypt with his brothers and presumably settled in the land of Goshen with his children. Shua was his wife in the region Chezib and he had another wife in Egypt. The names Esau, Uz, Lotan and Timna are likewise Horite names. Ussher lived before the development of molecular genealogy which has shed much light on human origins, and especially on the dispersion of the ancient Nilotes and Kushites.Yet in Genesis 38, we read that Judah had sons by a woman and lived in the region of Adulla, Mareshah and Chezib in the territory of the Horites. Error #6: Ussher didn't know about the cousin bride's naming prerogative which meant that the bride's father and her first-born son had the same name. The name "Adah" can be traced back to Lamech the Elder. He also lived before the development of kinship analysis which makes verification of the Genesis King Lists possible.

” The parallelism of the Hebrew makes it clear that the historical Enosh is regarded as progenitor just as the archetypal Adam is regarded as progenitor. This indicates that the first born sons of Cain and Seth were named after the same ruler.

Kenan is a variant of Kain, and Irad is a variant of Jared.

Apr 2, 2001. email, According to 17th-century bishop James Ussher, the exact date of Creation could be determined by calculating the lifespans of Old Testament patriarchs. Ussher's conclusion that the earth began on October 23, 4004 B. C. was accepted throughout Christendom for centuries. An expert in Semitic.… continue reading »

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Calculation of the date of the flood based on literal interpretation of the old testament has been a scholarly activity for two millennia. The seventeenth century estimate of the Irish Bishop James Ussher has been accepted among many of the devout. The calculation is undertaken by adding the genealogies beginning in.… continue reading »

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Aug 5, 2016. Critique of the chronology of Bishop James Ussher for dating creation.… continue reading »

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