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11-Nov-2018 18:19

I came home to a job offer I couldn't refuse, but I didn't take it because I was scared of being unemployed or because I was looking for a way out of my previous situation.

I took it because it made sense at the time, and I knew that if it stopped making sense, I had enough trust in myself enough to leave.

My dad ended up going back home, too, at the end of his trip.

He still wasn't sure exactly what would come next, but over those 5,000 miles, he realized it was OK to feel that way, because uncertainty is what keeps us from ever Almost 40 years later, that epiphany held true for me, too.

I didn't have any particular plan or ulterior motive; I didn't want to build schools in foreign countries or tutor kids in English.

The first time, I raced through the pages, desperate to know how it all ended.Fed up with a sense of stagnation at his job, hoping to escape family drama, and looking for clarity in his relationship, my dad had set out to find answers to questions about his own future.He wasn't running away, he was just hoping to experience life a little differently. He wrote about how a poorly timed flat tire near Booneville, Kentucky, landed his friends and him at a quarry, where a bunch of stoned guards decided to give them an impromptu shooting lesson.My dad was driving me to Atlantic City to catch the casino bus back to New York, and another miserable work week, when he interrupted my complaining to ask what I would want to do if I didn't have to go back to work.