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The Justice of the Peace has general jurisdiction in disputes over maintenance allowances (section 591(7) of the Judicial Code) but there are exceptions.Proceedings taken by a child against the person who had relations with his mother during the legal conception period (section 336 of the Civil Code) come under the magistrates’ court (section 338 of the Civil Code).There are two cases between people related by marriage: of the Civil Code).A child whose paternity is not established can claim an allowance for his upkeep, upbringing and education from the man who had relations with his mother during the legal conception period (section 336 of the Civil Code).If an allowance is granted how will it be assessed?Can the court’s decision be revised to take account of changes in the costs of living or family circumstances?However, Belgium may declare its law applicable if the child’s residence abroad is the only element of alien status in the relationship (article 2).Belgian law therefore governs any action taken in Belgium by a Belgian child living abroad against a Belgian father living in Belgium.

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If they are not performed, they may give rise to legal action to obtain their equivalent performance in kind, in the form of maintenance or assignment of sums – see question 12 – (sections 213, 221 and 223 of the Civil Code).The maintenance allowance is based on a family or marital connection or on a substitute obligation when this connection is broken.It exists between certain relatives by blood or marriage, between spouses and legal cohabitors.Children thus owe maintenance to their father and mother if they are in need.

Mar 30, 2006. European Commission - Maintenance claims - Belgium.… continue reading »

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Aug 3, 2017. 9. De Cam, Framboise-Lambiek, 6% £25 for 750ml, Beer Gonzo. It costs a small fortune but we've included this big bottle of Lambic-style fruit beer as a great example of a traditional Belgian beer produced by a modern brewery. It's another sour ale, with more of those funky yeasts.… continue reading »

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