Bangladesh mans dating together

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s O, I THINK THE INTENTION WAS TO STEAL SOME MONEY FROM ME. D I also have met a man on the internet and he said he name is Eric Nicholas and he was in Iraq and he was a soldier there, after a month talking to him, he started telling me he loves me and that he wants to be with me, then all of a sudden he is sending me money from there he spent 00.00 then when this package was received in the UK the UK sent me a notice saying that I needed to send 0.00 to have the package released to me, after I have payed that they are now asking for 10.00 because of customs and immigration, I am very doubtful at this point, now he is mad and said he had a friend to send 0.Our motto is, “One price, one job, one time, one happy customer.” Website Provided by DNA Vertical, Inc. WHEN I SAID TO THE PERSON THAT I WON' T PAY ANYTHING, HE DISAPPEARED FOR EVER.He tries to fit in mainly by keeping his homosexuality undercover.