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18-Aug-2018 01:39

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - During some sleepless nights when his stark bedroom walls remind him too much of his old prison cell in Afghanistan, Jan Sher Khan scans Internet dating sites he’d heard about from U. He doesn’t know how he’d tell them he spent more than six years in the U. military prison of Bagram after being detained as a 16-year-old and accused of being a suicide bomber. Most, like Khan, are now free, but many are struggling to rebuild their shattered lives. I spent my youth behind bars,” he said, adding that he and other young detainees were beaten repeatedly during the first few months of their detention. Khan is seeing a Pakistani army psychologist but his problems and the stigma of being labeled a“terrorist” because of his time in Bagram make it difficult to rebuild his life — to find a job and eventually a wife. Foreign prisoners at Bagram have no trials, only review boards staffed by U. The Pakistani government said they always responded promptly to requests from the United States.

The 24-year-old Pakistani never contacts anyone on the dating sites. court found two adult detainees had been beaten to death at Bagram in 2002, using techniques similar to those described by Khan. He said he can no longer concentrate for more than a few minutes. We are not really close any more,” said Khan, who wants to marry but fears no woman will have him. Prisoners do not have the right to see classified evidence against them and are represented by a U. Khan said he was told for more than two years that the military review boards were willing to let him go but were waiting for a response from the Pakistani government.

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Khan confirmed Shah was in Bagram when he was there. soldiers also told him several times they were willing to release him but were awaiting a response from Pakistan, he said. “Clearly in the early days there was ongoing torture at Bagram,” said Andrea Prasow, a senior counter terrorism counsel from the New York-based Human Rights Watch. “Since detainees were moved to a new prison by the Obama administration (in late 2009), we haven’t heard credible accusations of mistreatment at that level.” Conditions at Bagram are monitored by the International Committee of the Red Cross. An adult and the 15-year-old, Mohammad Tayyab, though cleared for release by both the United States and Pakistan, are still being held because they have no exit visas, a Pakistani government official said. Some prisoners, like Hamidullah Khan, were arrested as children and have grown up behind bars.

Shah also said he was eventually freed after he learnt enough English to speak directly to his U. interrogators and convince them he was telling the truth. A photo of a young, dimpled Hamidullah grins down from a wall of a stuffy concrete room in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

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