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It allowed one to create both mixed-code modules where HTML, markup script, and dynamic scripts could be implemented.For those that wanted code-only modules, this option was as much an option as the mixed-code one.Java Script however, was originally developed by Brendan Eich in 10 days while working for Netscape Corporation and it had nothing to do with Sun Systems Java language.Java Script was actually an outgrowth of the C language while Java was developed from the ground up.NET Web Forms but in its day nothing could match its dominant ease-of-use construct.

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It is surprising that Microsoft never made it easy to install browser plugin that could host VBScript outside of Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Microsoft was quite closed minded back then.

VBScript had object-oriented constructs when Java Script was still being maligned by the development community for being too arcane and difficult to use.

However, CSS has been made so complex in terms of details that one could specialize in this type of development alone.

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“Classic ASP” nonetheless, in its day, had access to all these technologies, though to a somewhat more limited degree.

In this type of code-base, HTML and markup script were simply made as constants to Request.

In this walkthrough you will use ECMAScript JavaScript to display days, months, and other date-related values in globalized formats. The AJAX functionality in provides client globalization support based on a setting in the ScriptManager control.… continue reading »

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