Are good looking women intimidating

21-Sep-2018 04:45

Two words: "Quality Problem." Reminds me of the "Large Penis Support Group" forum I saw online.:-) In all seriousness, I think you just need to chill out a little bit more.

And if you're not getting laid regularly, it's not cause your looks are too good.Actually, reading what i just wrote I realise how important this is as a sticking point for me - being happy with the attraction and not botheringto approach or escalate in case I lose it. People would rather display their wish that they looked like you instead of giving you straight up advice. I used to get shit reactions from girls with the nice guy-ness after they were clearly attracted. I used to get called intimidating or even arrogant a lot by girls.Anyways..advice to be direct is good but I really think you need to be calm, comfortable, and playful. The thing is, at that time in my life I was the most depressed and full of self-hatred that I've ever been. You always assume a hot girl is arrogant if she isn't being sociable but she might just be shy, or tired, or insecure.Girls (as well as men) tell me I am good looking and women stare at me often and approach me on numerous occasions every week.