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11-Nov-2018 08:31

Then reboot, and see if the COM ports are detected properly in BIOS. Regards, Ralph rmarotta and skylab, please don't start a fight here. Do I need to change my motherboard now or is there still another possible solution?I haven't tried all your suggestions yet, skylab, so I won't rate your answer or reopen this question yet, but I have tried some of them. I have only this: Check your motherboard's documentation for the method used to clear CMOS memory. Does your board have a round battery or the Dallas Real Time clock? You said that the com ports are disabled in the bios have you set them to Auto or 3f8 and 2f8?wsanchez, It will be helpful if we establish a little dialog here since it's impossible to foresee every circumstance that might be involved.When you said: "I also tried checking the BIOS config and I found out that even at startup the ports cannot be detected." Does that mean you entered the BIOS setup screen at bootup, or are you describing Windows95 startup?Watch Guard is currently running a beta program for our new mac OS Host Sensor for our Threat Detection and Response service. First go into the BIOS before bootup Go to the section labelled Plug and Play and make sure it says Pn P OS: Yes IRQ Managment: Auto It may not look exactly like that, it depends on what BIOS you have. After boots into safe mode, go into Device Manager and look in every device category.

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If it asks you to reboot because it found new hardware say NO.

Most A-open motherboards have labels on the board itself. I saw something there that says something like: J12 default 1-2 clear RAM 2-3 Is that the one you were saying? rmarotta, I'm not sure if this is the AOpen model but the following was written on the motherboard: AP5C/P 95108-2 48.87 101.002 wsanchez, Clearing the CMOS: The 3-pin jumper JP12 clears the values in the CMOS.

Fixes failure in updating ESCD/DMI with Winbond 49F002U Falsh ROM. Company. Aopen. Categories. WinDMI is a Windows-based utility that executes on AOpen.… continue reading »

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Aopen motherboard Win XP Pro. Discussion is locked. "Updating ESCD.success verifying DMI pool data. Boot from CD" when booting to hard drive it says… continue reading »

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