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03-Oct-2018 20:52

I'm an Indian and I'm present on nearly every major social network play store has to offer.

I like all those apps and services where you can meet new people , share stuff and talk to them like Whisper , Fling , Kik and what not.

I've experienced what you now are , in the beginning too.

And , I felt bad when I saw the comments and posts by other Indians(not everyone) on these apps and yeah that's something repelling and not only to Americans , it'd be repelling to anyone anywhere in the world.

Try to kiss a girl in public in Afghanistan, Iran and you'll never kiss again - trust us.Now , there is something I wanna say before before I tell anything else.I'm really proud to be an Indian and not ashamed to say it.Now , I can have good long genuine decent nice conversations , with anyone around the world , anytime I want.

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Many of my contacts know my real identity and have no problems with it but I told them that after gaining their trust. You can find blond, brunette, redhead and black girls here and it’s possible that you can meet with someone from any religion and beliefs.They generally care for themselves and that’s why they are looking nice.I've so many apps on my phone and I'm talking to random people all the time , and the total number of persons I've talked to on all these apps combined is 4000 over the last 3 years.