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Please encourage your student to join our support group for children and/or find a local support group where she can talk to other children who had similar experiences.Most of all, give her some time, listen to what she needs, and answer her questions and concerns openly and honesty.we calmed him down to find out he just bit his tongue while playing. Is it too harsh on him to say, get up dust yourself off and continue playing.My other boys would fall down, get hit with a ball, etc, and jump right back up and continue on.... We have tried things like that, and it is a 30 minute event that he is still hurt and cant move.I haven't ever dealt with anything like this before and want to know the right way, positive way, and loving way to handle it. Death is universal and is recognized for what it is by what is known as the hind-brain: the part of the brain that carries all our evolutionary knowledge.For instance, the sight of a corpse is immediately recognized by other members of the species, including humans.My husband said he has never slept well, and he just started sleeping through the night about a year ago, except for the times he wakes up crying.It seems to be more after he spends time with maternal grandparents.

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my friend just knew it was something bad, our blood ran cold... Is there a different way to handle these things with him?

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It is quite normal for a child to not want to go to school after the death of a parent.

You can find many more ideas on how to help children with their grief in our bookstore.

You can also look at our website for children Kids Aid to find resources and other help.My step son who is now 6, lost his mother shortly after he turned one.He knows he has a mommy in heaven and one on earth, but doesn't quite understand the whole death thing, and acts out in different ways, that family members tend to blame on the fact that he lost his mom when he was a baby.I am wondering if he remembers that, and if that is in fact a reason to be acting out now at 6 years old.